Bonavita Coffee MakerDon’t make any quick buying decisions regarding the Bonavita coffee maker until you read this extensive review. There have been many discussions and satisfied customers of the Bonavita coffee maker but does it really deliver? Why is it often being compared to the Technivorm Moccamaster which has a price tag of $300?

You probably have a lot of questions about the Bonavita coffee maker and hopefully this article will be able to shed some light and answer your questions about this coffee maker.

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Temperature Control

The Bonavita coffee maker is one of the few drip coffee machines that will give you the right amount of brewing temperature. It’s equipped with a 1400-watt heater that raises temperature to 205 degrees Fahrenheit which is the optimal temperature for extracting the best flavor from your grinds. And because of this ideal temperature control, the Bonavita coffee maker has been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). If you search online for ‘scaa certified coffee makers’ you will even find out that they are one of the only four coffee makers that are SCAA certified.

Many people are very much pleased with the hot coffee they produced with the Bonavita coffee maker. Some people even measured the temperature of their coffee and sure enough it was between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the experiences of many consumers, the estimate brewing time for 8 cups is around 5-8 minutes.

Fully Saturates Your Coffee

You’ve probably seen those regular drip coffee machines where it only disperses water over your grounds in a very narrow pattern (single stream of water). This is not ideal when you want to extract the best flavor from your grounds. With the Bonavita coffee maker, your coffee is going to be fully saturated because the design of its showerhead has a very wide pattern (multiple streams of water). People have observed their coffee after brewing and they noticed that the grounds have been moved down to the bottom of the filter instead of being distributed across the entire filter. This is a good indication that the wide dispersion pattern is very effective.


The Bonavita coffee maker comes in two different models. The BV1800 model has a glass carafe while the BV1800TH comes with a thermal carafe. The glass carafe version will have its own warming plate and some people prefer this model because it’s dishwasher safe. The thermal model seems to be a popular buy for many people. It has a glass lining and according to our research, the thermal carafe is produced by Melitta.

There are many thermal carafes in the market today but most of them have dripping issues when pouring and some can be a pain when using the top. The thermal carafe of the Bonavita coffee maker has a top that is very simple to use. You have the ability to screw the top and there will be a trigger feature if you happen to use a single hand. Additionally, you will not experience any dripping issues when you pour coffee. This is a huge benefit because you don’t have to do extra work by cleaning your countertop.

When it comes to keeping your coffee warm, the glass carafe model is equipped with a 55 watt non-stick warming plate that will automatically shut down after a couple of hours. The thermal carafe version does not have a warming plate but it will still keep your coffee hot. Just put the lid on quickly after brewing and you’ll still enjoy a piping hot coffee even after 3-5 hours.

Smart Filter Basket

The filter basket of the Bonavita coffee maker has a special design pattern. The design makes sure that there is suitable contact time with your coffee grounds so you can get the most optimal flavor. You’re going to get a complete and balanced ground extraction because of the flow patterns and the vertical offset drain. A lot of people have commented on how easy it is to remove the filter basket after brewing. Another design advantage of the filter basket for the Bonavita coffee maker is the hole at the bottom. If you look closely, you will notice that the hole is half an inch up from the bottom. This is helpful because the hot water gets collected and your coffee grounds become more saturated during the first few minutes of brewing before your coffee starts to drip down.


Both of the Bonavita coffee maker models are built with a stainless steel body and there are only a few plastic parts. It can easily fit in your kitchen counter and its classy design will definitely improve your kitchen’s appearance. Since it has a stainless steel housing, cleaning is going to be very easy. It has a safety feature where the switch automatically turns off after 15 minutes. A lot of people have commented on its very minimal appearance because it only has an on/off switch.


Now it’s time to discuss some of the concerns that people have with the Bonavita coffee maker. The main issue that consumers have is the price because it’s a bit expensive especially when you take into consideration that it doesn’t have a timer. However, there are still many people who are looking at the positive side of things with regards to its price. For instance, the Bonavita coffee maker has been getting a lot of positive reviews when being compared to its closest rival, the Technivorm Moccamaster which costs $300. Additionally, you’re going to get a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty which makes it a really good deal.

Another thing to take note about the Bonavita coffee maker is that there’s no way to stop the brewing process once you’ve started. You have to wait and let it finish brewing before you can have your cup of coffee. Like you’ve read earlier, the brewing time takes only 5-8 minutes and for a lot of people, it’s a very minor issue that the Bonavita coffee maker doesn’t have a brew stopper.

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Coffee is harvested from short pruned 30 feet coffee trees. The trees have wavy dark green leaves that grow in pairs. It takes a year for cherries to fully develop after the white blossoms have flowered. The seeds grow continuously and it is common to find a bunch of ripe and green fruit on the same tree. This trees have a survival span of 20 to 30 years and can grow in a variety of climates, that don’t change, irregularly.

Biological heritage is from the genus plant called coffea. There exists over 500 genera and over 6000 species. The plants can either be tall or small shrubs, with yellow, purple or green leaves. There are twenty five to one hundred species of coffee plants. A bean’s outer skin is an exocarp, underneath is a mesocarp, a pulp, and then a parenchyma, that houses two beans. The covering is called an endocarp or parchment.

The history of this plant dates back to 13th century, but the knowledge of the drink was not known until the 16th century. It was highly consumed in the world of Islam, and it was directly related to religion. Abd al-Qadir compiled some writings on the history, controversy and benefits of coffee. He outlined among its qualities, the ability to eliminate lethargy, fatigue, and increase vigor.

Two of the varieties that are economically significant are Arabica and Robusta. 80% worldwide production is Arabica, which grows in temperatures of 15 to 24 degrees centigrade. Robusta is produced at 20% and grows in temperatures of 24 to 30 degrees centigrade. Harvesting is done between three weeks and three months.

There are 66 different varieties of beverage. Each drink is made according to the taste buds of the region. The most popular commercial drinks are café mocha, cappuccino, decaf, liquor, java and espresso. Arabica is prepared in two ways. Turkish which is brewed without sugar, and Saudi made from lightly or over roasted beans.

Studies have shown that the benefits of coffee are not just for energy boosting. It lowers the risk of depression in women. Women who drink two to three cups daily, have a 15 % chance of lower depression risk and four or more cups 20%. Caffeine modulates the mood release transmitters.

Levels of the brain’s granulocyte stimulation factor, wards off Alzheimer’s by causing the stem cells in the bone marrow to move into the brain, to eliminate beta-amyloid, which is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The granulocyte stimulation factor, brings into contact brain cells to create brain neurons, and renew the cells.

The drink is also an aid to lowering the risk of prostate cancer in men. Consuming six or four cups daily, decreases the risk by 60% and 20%. Drinking one to three cups daily can cut the risk by 30%.

The risk of the world’s most common cancer, basal cell carcinoma, can be lowered by three or more cups daily intake. Women who drink caffeinated coffee, have 20% low risk of developing skin cancer, while men a 9% low risk.

Protection and control of Type 2 diabetes has been proven with more consumption. For every cup drunk there is a 7% decrease. The risk of Parkinson’s disease, can be lowered by 25%, with intake of two to three cups daily.

In women, consumption decreases all-cause mortality, to a relative risk of 0.85%. Unroasted or green beans can help slim, manage and control body weight. Coffee is a pleasant, refreshing drink that creates your awareness of the surroundings, and promotes concentration to an ongoing activity.

This beverage is rich in antioxidants that make body cells healthy and resistant to disease. It enhances performance and increases the endurance to strain. It helps bring out the maximum out of our bodies for quality work productivity.

Coffee reduces the symptoms and lowers the incidence to diminish gout and reduce pain. It improves the cognitive and mental abilities, especially before an exam, or an interview. If you constantly suffer migraines, muscle pain or headaches, drinking a cup of coffee immediately after your pain medication can help.

Alcoholics who drink coffee have a chance against developing liver cirrhosis. This beverage helps make less severe the effects of alcohol, and trauma in the liver. The caffeine protects the mouth from gum disease and dental caries. The tannins help eliminate bacteria that contribute to tooth cavities and plaque.

For individuals with chronic illness, like heart disease, risk of death is lowered. The reproductive system of men is healthier with lower risk of prostrate. For women, the uterus is protected from endometrial cancer.

Recovery from colon cancer and return of the bowel functions is enhanced by coffee intake. Risk of developing skin diseases such as basal cell carcinoma is lowered. Cell metabolism or DNA in sedentary people gain the definite effects as those obtained through exercise.

Benefits of coffee include the reduction of developing health problems. Abnormal heart rhythms are lowered by 20% due to an increase in blood lipids. Cholesterol content in bile is altered and drinkers have a lower risk of gallstone disease.

Coffee is not addictive nor is it a drug. It is a mild stimulant to cardiac muscles, gastric secretions and the central nervous system. There is no evidence that it causes stomach aches or stomach ulcers. One or two cups daily increases your level of happiness, concentration and your sense of well-being.

Caffeine has been approved by the FDA as good for babies in treating apnea. Breastfeeding or pregnant mothers should only have a minimum intake. An increase in urination contributes to the natriuretic and diuretic effect, by increasing excretion of water and sodium.

Over 1000 phytochemicals create the antioxidants in coffee. This phytochemicals, have an anti-aging benefit because they help your body repair damaged cells. Relief from asthma, is another health benefit of caffeine.

Health benefits include warding off, or keeping at bay various forms of illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart and depression. Many studies have been conducted over the years. This versatile beverage has been proven to boost energy and mood, fight dementia and boost brain activity.

The reduction of heart related illnesses, headaches and cavities has also been shown. Drinking coffee in moderation is the factor to obtaining health benefits in the long run.

The Bonavita coffee maker belongs to a certain kind as there are various types of coffee makers in the market. They come in different designs and shapes that you can choose from for your favorite one. What determines the type of coffee maker you buy?

The type of coffee maker you settle for may be influenced by the following factors: your design preferences; special features, prices and the brand of your choice. All of these factors will help you in deciding what type you purchase for your needs. Here is an article that will discuss the types you can choose from. There are also tips on the features you may need in your coffee maker.

Standard drip

This is the first type you may encounter in your shopping rounds and this is also the category of the Bonavita coffee maker. They come in the capacities between 4-12 cups (most popular designs come in 12 cup capacities). The better part is that they come in a vast number of models as well as a range of prices depending on the additional features. It is undoubtedly the most popular coffee maker that is even preferred by non-coffee takers. The special features that come with this type are present to optimize the function of your machine. If you need an easy to operate coffee machine, this is your best bet.


This is the oldest type of coffee maker that is still favored by many users today. The only limitation of this type is that the capacity variance is not flexible so as to meet various capacity needs; they come in fixed and few range of sizes that you may find unattractive especially if you need a huge amount of coffee. The proponent property is that they are believed to give the desired taste and aroma that you want in your cup of coffee every time you have it. You percolator coffee machines in weddings as well as buffets in your neighborhood. They will give you that vintage feel to events that originate from the cultural aspect of people.

Single User

This is the most desirable type for single use purposes. They come with the advantage of convenience, ease in use as well as giving one of the best tastes that you may wish for in a cup of coffee. The small design provides quick and easy cleaning as well fast boiling hence low power consumption. If you live alone with no regular visitors, this is probably the best type for you.

French coffee makers

This is still another ancient design that is still popular among coffee drinking families as well as individuals. It has no over-the-stove option so the coffee has to be made when it is needed just that time.

Espresso coffee maker

These are the most expensive types you shall find in any market. The high prices come with high quality that shall win your heart into choosing them. They are still the most practical coffee machines you shall come across since they can even brew regular coffee. They also come in varying sizes, functions and the type of brewing you need.

Having a tasty cup of coffee is one of the best ways to start your day. The coffee needs to be prepared in the best way possible to bring out its full flavor. This brings you to the question of a coffee maker. There are factors you have to consider before you make a choice on the coffee maker you buy. Here is a list which guides you in buying the best product:

You have to consider the capacity

More or less you already probably know the amount of coffee you need to make every day. If you are alone or with your couple you need a low capacity coffeemaker, however, if you are a big family the large option capacity is the one to suit your needs. If you house is frequented by guests or if you like partying, you require a large coffee maker so as to provide enough services to your visitors.

Do research on the brands available

There are product reviews in magazines, newspapers as well as online pages. You need to read through this and know the best product that you decide. You may also have a chat with your friends who already use these products. This research done before the real shopping experience arms you with the knowledge you need about the best prices, brands and qualities available in the market. The Bonavita coffee maker has tons of reviews out online and you can even read its full review in this website.

Do you want a programmable device?

Coffee makers come with the option of automatically programming them so as to prepare your coffee even as you shower or while you are in bed. This means that you do not need to physically touch your device but you can pre-set it on the time you need your coffee ready. This offer comes with a higher price but the convenience it provides is much more than the money. Take note that the Bonavita coffee maker doesn’t have any additional functions but a lot of people are still satisfied with it.

An automatic power shut off button is vital

A power shut off button that automatically cuts off the power supply after your coffee is ready is a cool feature. There are some days that you are in hurry and may forget to switch off the power supply to your coffee making device. An automatic switch shall save energy by doing the necessary for you.

Save time on grinding your coffee beans

It is good to go for the brands that come with a coffee grinder. You shall not need to grind your beans prior the exercise. You only need to wait for the coffee as it gets ready.

Filter your water before you use it

Tap water may not be the safest to use in your coffee making. There are coffee makers that come with an in built filter hence sieving any dirt out of your final cup of coffee.

Keep your coffee tasty

One thing you need to know about coffee is that the taste becomes weaker as you boil it for long. Anything above 20 minutes is not desirable for a good quality tasting coffee. This means that you need a feature to allow you to brew directly into a carafe. The carafe should be insulated so as to withstand the much heat and allow you to hold it.

Hopefully this article helped you in some way in learning the different types of coffee makers and how to choose one. Try to spend some time in checking out the review of the Bonavita coffee maker found in this website.